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We are part of Northern Ridge district and sponsored by "Johns Creek Presbyterian Church, Johns Creek, GA". We have scouts of several faiths. We meet on Monday's at the Church from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Click here for directions to "Johns Creek Presbyterian Church, GA".

History of Troop 2000

Troop 2000 was, for years, Troop 143 in Duluth, GA. With a change in our sponsorship on January 1, 1998 we changed our troop number to Troop 2000. As Troop 143 we honored 13 Eagle Scouts and as Troop 2000 we have added over 200 more.

Our Approach

Scouts learn by leading. Troop 2000 is run by the youths. They plan meetings and activities under adult leadership guidance. We are currently 100+ scouts. Our scouts learn and adapt to scouting values, out-door skills and respect for others in their journey to Eagle Scout and responsible citizens. Troop 2000 is committed to the safety of our youth.

Troop 2000 AOL & New Scout Information

If you are a new scout or looking to crossover to Troop 2000, please contact Webelos-to-Scout transition coordinator at aolcoordinator@troop2000.org 

Troop Website Access

Active Scouts, Parents, and Adult Leaders, If you don't have access to the troop 2000 website, please contact webmaster@troop2000.org 

Thank you for supporting Scouts BSA Troop 2000's annual Christmas tree recycling event and helping to protect the environment.


Posted on Jul 14 2024 - 9:06pm

Our 89th Edition Newsletter is here! Please Make sure you read it today: 240715 TROOP2K NEWSLETTER.  There is no Troop meeting today. Please sign up for 7/22 pool party. Check the events and volunteer opportunities in the newsletter.

Scouts Communications

Posted on May 5 2024 - 3:10pm

Musts & Notes

  • Make sure your information (Email, Phone) is accurate on troop website. This is what Troop will use to communicate to you.


Posted on Oct 30 2023 - 1:51pm

If you would like to join to our Troop please start the process by filling out this form https://bit.ly/t2kintake . Thank you. 

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